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Rome-Urbe Airport

Roma URBE is the international airport at few kilometers from Rome center.

Placed inside the Grande Raccordo Anulare (Large Annular Way), between urban tract of Salaria road and Tevere river, it is easily reached from ground and from air. From Grande Raccordo Anulare it is sufficient taking Roma Salario exit and continuing straight along Salaria road to traffic lights at airport entry. 
Air routes: use map links below.

General info

  • ICAO Code: “LIRU”
  • Altitude from sea level: 17 m
  • Coordinates: 41°57’05” N – 12°30’04” E
  • Sedime: 108 Ha
  • Practicability: 06.30/SS+30 (5.30/SS+30)
  • Rwys: 16/34 lung. 1080 m larg. 30 m
  • Radiofrequencies: TWR 123.8

Available services

Finance Guard


Roma URBE airport, initially called Littorio airport, was inaugurated on 21st April 1928 to remedy to the scarcity of civilian and commercial airport services in the capitol. 
During June 1927, the CNA, Compagnia Nazionale Aeronautica (National Aeronautic Company), acquired a 100 hectares site in the so-called Serpentara field, between Salaria road and Tevere River, to have also a seaplanes landing place. Even if airport site was only 6 km from city center, at the time around there was only countryside and railway near to Salaria road had yet to be built. The CNA built one hangar and some workshops, used since 1934 to produce aircrafts and engines on license. 
Tanks to its central position, during thirties the airport lived an intense sporting activity. For example, during 1934 there landed aircrafts of the MacRobertson Trophy on the Londra-Melbourne way. During 1935, 1937 e 1938 there Avio Raduni del Littorio took place. 

Also commercial traffic was intense, because Littorio airport was the base of all inbound and outbound connections from and to Rome by land aircrafts (not seaplanes). Since 1938 from Rome it was possible to reach the main italian cities: Milan, Venice, Turin, Naples, Bologna; it was also possible to reach the main international cities: Munich and Berlin by Ala Littoria and Deutsche Lufthansa, Paris by Air France, Budapest by Magyar Legiforgalmi, as well as the islands, Greece, and Africa. During 1939 stretches Rome-Brussels, Rome-Barcelona and Rome-Rio de Janeiro were inaugurated. Exxon Mobil Aviation was already present to arrange for aircrafts refueling (se tank truck “STANDARD” in the photo to the side). 
On 10th June 1940 civilian use of airport was suspended because of military demands. During 1947 the Linee Aeree Italiane (Italian Airlines) began flights again from Roma URBE.

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